February Is Childrens Dental Health Month

Use this page as a teaching tool!

Help your students or little ones to learn how to take care of their teeth. Visit the following links for puzzles and games



Help your students or little ones to learn how to take care of their teeth - See the Dudley & Friends Cartoon! Click the following link -http://www.ada.org/3230.aspx

Topic - Healthy Habits

Disscussion Ideas - Name some things that you do to keep your body healthy. There are daily health habits that everyone needs to practice, such as eating a proper diet, exercising, bathing, and sleeping. Caring for your mouth is as important as caring for the rest of your body. Cleaning teeth and gums removes a sticky film of plaque. Plaque contains harmful bacteria that can cause tooth decay.

Topic - Primary Teeth

Disscussion Ideas -Have children raise their hand if they had a tooth that fell out. Ask one or two children to describe what it feels like without the tooth. Discuss baby teeth. Some teeth are supposed to come out. They are called the "baby" teeth or "primary" teeth. After a baby tooth comes out, another tooth will come in. This new tooth must last for many, many years. You must take extra special care by brushing each day.

Topic - Tooth Function

Disscussion Ideas - Ask children to make a list of what foods can be eaten without teeth and what foods must be chewed. Without teeth you couldn't chew crunchy foods like carrots, nuts, or apples. Have children pronounce the alphabet and tell which sounds are made by using the teeth, tongue, and lips. If you didn't have any teeth, it wouldn't be easy to say teeth, toys, or toothbrush.



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